NewThreads recently celebrated donating over $130,000,000 in hope to our community!
  • 501(c)(3) gift in kind program
  • Incorporated in 1990
  • 250 active nonprofit partner agencies
  • $130,000,000  value of product donated
  • Staff of 3 full-time employees
  •  7,500 volunteer hours yearly
  • 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Southeastern Wisconsin

Quick Facts:

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NewThreads of Hope was founded in 1990 under the name CorpCare Distributions. In 2010 we became NewThreads of Hope, but our mission has always remained the same. With millions of articles of brand new clothing, footwear, household items, educational material and more, NewThreads is helping give a new-found hope to those in need.
To complete our mission of hope, we rely on our network:
  • Community agency partners
  • Volunteers
  • Financial support
  • Product donations
  • Our board of directors
NewThreads links manufacturers and retailers and their surplus products, samples, returns, and past season lines with community-based social service agencies, schools and faith-based organizations. 

We provide the warehousing, as well as volunteers for sorting, processing,​ and distribution services that make all these products usable and available to those who need them.

NewThreads does not make any direct distributions to individuals; rather over the years we have formed partnerships with hundreds of different agencies that reach out to a wide variety of people in need: single moms looking for work, the homeless, children living in poverty, refugees, victims of natural disasters, the mentally ill, foster families, seniors, and families and individuals just struggling to keep their heads above water in these tough economic times.
We sell nothing. It costs us about $0.05 cents on every dollar to do our job.  All of our funds are from gifts and donations.

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NewThreads, through partnerships with social service and faith-based agencies, offers hope for a better life to people living on the margins.
With manufacturers’ and retailers’ overstocks, past seasons lines and sample products, NewThreads provides brand new clothes for new opportunities, items to turn a house into a home, and educational materials to foster children’s literacy and academic achievement.

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